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1st April 2024

Luxury brand management – find your role in the whisky industry

You can’t deny that whisky oozes glamour and class. For many, it’s one of life’s little luxuries and as an industry, it’s another opportunity to flex your luxury brand management muscles.

With a rich and renowned history, Scotch whisky is a symbol of craft and character that requires a wide range of specialities. With a legacy of much-loved brands, a surge of new releases, global recognition and a wealth of innovation, this industry presents an opportunity for those working in luxury jobs to take on a fresh and exciting challenge.


A bounty of brands

From independent, smaller distilleries to the big names, Scotland is home to a bounty of brands. Every one of these brands need a manager to tell their whisky’s unique story, ensuring that the identity behind it remains recognisable, up to date and exciting to customers.

From Brand Managers to Brand Ambassadors, or Sales and Events Managers, there are a range of roles that could appeal. And these are just a taster of the luxury jobs that are possible within the industry.

The best thing about these types of roles is that many luxury brand management skills will be transferrable. However, we would of course recommend you have a personal appreciation for spirit.

Working in the whisky industry also brings experiences and opportunities that have a more luxury feel such as:

  • The chance to travel as you represent brands, potentially all over the world.
  • Working with fellow experts, connoisseurs and innovators across the industry.
  • Getting up close with the beauty, art and science behind the spirit.
  • Attending and hosting events and tastings.


The start of an exciting career journey

You may feel that getting into whisky has its barriers, but it is in fact a very welcoming and collaborative industry.

If you’re already working in jobs with luxury brands, making the switch to the whisky industry will make use of your skills in collaborating, speaking, educating, and your ability to get people excited about a brand and its products.

It can also help for a whisky distillery to learn from someone with a fresh perspective who can bring in new ideas and learnings from their previous luxury job role. Whether you worked in the hotel industry or fashion, there are learnings and knowledge that you can bring to the brand to elevate it event further and enhance those all-important sales figures.

Once your foot is in the door, whisky offers many opportunities to grow and enhance your role. You can build connections, knowledge and experiences to further your career and take advantage of the close-knit community of distilleries in Scotland.

Take a look at our current vacancies here.





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