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5th March 2024
Demystifying careers in whisky

I recorded my first video explaining all about careers in Scotch Whisky. In the video I  let you know a little of some of the key points about the industry and hopefully let you know some of the jobs that you might not necessarily think about. You can watch it here.

17th October 2023
Top tips for selling your transferable skills!

The Scotch Whisky industry supports many different jobs, actually far more than you might initially imagine.  As you can see from our careers map, you can work in marketing, tourism, production, engineering, health and safety… You could be responsible for the people, the planet and the prosperity of this iconic product and industry. But what […]

23rd August 2023
Career change at 40: Making a career change at midlife

In the first part of our career changers mini-series, we focus on midlife career changes, those people in their 40s who would like to make changes in their lives. We will debunk the myth that career changes are only for the “young”, demonstrating that it's possible to switch careers at any stage of life and […]

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