Bottling Hall Assistant

As a bottling hall assistant, you will work in all areas across the bottling hall process including sorting, packing, and inspecting/modifying products. You will need to ensure high standards of quality control are applied to ensure there are no issues with the products. Having good attention to detail and dexterity is vital for this role.

Role Description

Main duties and responsibilities

As a bottling hall assistant, you will prepare and inspect whisky packages prior to shipment. You will also assist in the operation of equipment on the bottling line, perform off-line work and package / re-work bottles as required.

Your responsibilities will vary depending on the specific distillery and bottling hall where you work, but the following duties are typical:

  • Operating bottling machinery, including filling machines, labelling machines, loading and unloading materials on to production lines/machinery and packaging machines. You will need to learn how to use these machines safely and effectively.
  • Setting up machines and beginning the bottling process. Ensuring equipment is in good condition and that bottles are correctly filled and labelled.
  • Identify and respond quickly to safety, quality, or operational issues. Consult your production manager or bottling line supervisor when critical issues regarding product non-conformance, safety and production issues arise.
  • Carrying out routine product quality checks to ensure that the whisky being bottled meets the quality standards of the distillery. This may involve checking the colour, clarity, and aroma of the whisky, as well as testing the alcohol content. Contribute to the production of quality products in line with the Company’s Quality Assurance programme applicable to the line and specific products.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the bottling machinery and the bottling hall itself. This includes cleaning the floors, walls, and machinery, as well as ensuring that all equipment is properly maintained and serviced.
  • Applying labels and preparing the whisky bottles for shipping. This may involve working with a variety of packaging materials, such as boxes, shrink wrap, and pallets.
  • Assuming accountability for numerically accurate picking and packing of manufactured goods.
  • Maintaining accurate records of the production process, including the number of bottles produced, the quality of the whisky, and any issues that arise during the bottling process.
  • Responsible for following all health and safety guidelines in the bottling hall. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses, and following proper procedures for handling hazardous materials.
  • Work well as part of a team, by communicating effectively with all members of the team as well as outside contractors and being willing to help out with other tasks as needed and to ensure safe, efficient working.
  • Be conscious of all health and safety issues affecting the line area including the wearing of PPE such as safety footwear, adopting and implementing good housekeeping practices.
  • You may be required to work shifts, including evenings and weekends, so you will need to be flexible with your schedule.
  • Maintaining a clean workspace by undertaking general cleaning duties as you work, ensuring your work area is clean and tidy and complies with the Health and Safety and Hygiene policy.


Skills and experience

The skills and experience required for a bottling hall assistant include:

  1. Being physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time, lift heavy objects, and perform repetitive tasks.
  1. Good practical skills with the ability to work quickly and precisely.
  2. Ability to work both independently and in small work teams - good team working skills.
  3. Ability to stay focused while doing repetitive tasks, as well as being able to multi-task while being detail oriented and quality focused.
  4. Ability to follow instructions with a strong commitment to health and safety by following all health and safety guidelines in the bottling hall.
  5. Good written and verbal communication skills.
  6. High level of manual dexterity.
  7. Must have a flexible approach to work.
  8. Demonstrate a sound understanding of manufacturing processes.
  9. Strong work ethic and positive, “can-do” attitude.

Qualifications Required

While previous experience in the industry is not always required, some distilleries may prefer candidates with previous experience in a manufacturing or production environment. Typically, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent.

You will also need to be physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time, as well as being comfortable working with machinery and equipment. Good communication and teamwork skills are important, as well as a strong attention to detail.

Did you know?
  1. Bottling hall assistants play an essential role in the production and packaging of Scotch whisky products. Without them, the industry would not be able to meet demand.
  2. Bottling hall assistants need to have a combination of physical, technical, and interpersonal skills to succeed in the role.
  3. The job requires a lot of standing, lifting, and repetitive movements, making it physically demanding.
  4. While the role may start as an entry-level position, there are opportunities for career growth and advancement within the industry.
  5. The bottling of Scotch whisky has been a part of the industry since the late 1800s, and the role of bottling hall assistant has been a crucial part of the production process since then.

If you are interested in becoming a bottling hall assistant, the following may be useful:

  1. Before applying for a job as a bottling hall assistant, it's important to research the industry and learn about the different distilleries and their products. The Scotch Whisky Association website ( is a good place to start.
  2. Check job boards, company websites, and industry publications for job openings as a bottling hall assistant.
  3. Some distilleries offer training programs or apprenticeships for entry-level positions. Check with individual distilleries to see if they have any programs available.
  4. Attend industry events and network with professionals in the industry to learn more about the job and make connections that could lead to job opportunities.
  5. Build your skills in areas like production, machinery operation, quality control, and teamwork. Look for relevant training courses or volunteering opportunities to gain experience.
  6. A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required for this role. Some distilleries may also require additional qualifications or certifications, such as a forklift license or a food hygiene certificate.
  7. Many bottling hall assistants start in entry-level positions and work their way up through the industry. Be willing to take on any task or responsibility and show a strong work ethic to demonstrate your potential.
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